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How big are your boxes?

Our packing boxes are 24″x20″x12″. Our wardrobe boxes are 24″x20″x46″.

How high can I stack these boxes?

Our plastic moving boxes are very sturdy and can be stacked quite high. However, it comes down to how you pack them in your truck or trailer. You don’t want them tipping over to harm your contents. If packed tightly, we recommend up to 5 boxes high. If you have support and strapping in place, you could go higher. Safety first though, make sure you pack well and tightly to make sure there’s no chance of tipping.

What payment options do you accept?

We currently accept cash as well as credit card, through our website.

What if we aren’t done unpacking?

Not a problem. We offer extensions by the week for a very low price, this can be seen on our pricing page.

Will you deliver the moving boxes to my city?

Absolutely. We service most of South Western Ontario. If you don’t see your city/town listed just contact us to see if we can service your area as well.


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