Why choose YouBox?

We have 5 good reasons

Packing boxes is the same no matter how old you are, what race you are, where you’re moving to, or what your favorite ice cream is. Packing is packing, but are boxes, boxes? We all remember the search for cardboard boxes from family, friends and even local grocery stores. We get a few good ones, a few mediocre ones and a few banana boxes with a big hole in the bottom. “That’s fine for bedding, right?”. But at the end of the day, we still didn’t have enough quality boxes. When you order from YouBox, we have an answer for all the box problems we used to run into:

We deliver

No more driving around town, burning gas, looking for usable boxes. You let us know when you want your totes delivered.

Pack securely

No need to worry about our lids caving in and breaking things like you do with cardboard. Our moving boxes are sturdy plastic.

Safely stack

How many cardboard boxes can you stack before they collapse and tip over? Not many! Our plastic totes can be stacked high!

We pickup

Just let us know the pickup date that works for you and we’ll be there to get them out of your way.

Environmentally friendly

Our boxes can be used over and over making them far more environmentally friendly than cardboard.